Tyrannosaurus fact file Edit

Tyrannosaurus rex


Tyrannosaurus-rex means Tyrant Lizard King, and this creature was the King of the Dinosaurs. This creature was the largest of all the predatory dinosaurs. It also had the most powerful bite of any dinosaur, at 3 tons of bite force this was the most well equiped predator ever.

Size Edit

Tyrannosaurus rex size table
Height: 16-20 feet tall
Length: 45-50 feet long
Weight: 8-9 tons

Behavior Edit

This creature mostly fed on duck billed dinosaurs, frilled dinosaurs, and possibly souropod dinosaurs. When Tyrannosaurs are young they stayed inside the center of their parents territory. The only time in a Tyrannosaurs life were they're in danger is when there young. When there in there teenage years they start hunting for food. For more information on the ways T-rex's hunted see Tyrannosaur hunting strategy. File:T-rex with Spinosaurus and Raptor