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thumb|300px|leftSpinosaurus was one of the largest carnivores that ever lived on land. It was also the longest predator on land, ranging from 40 to 43 feet long. Originally found in north Africa Spinosaurus was discovered by Ernst Stromer. For more information on that please see Ernst Stromer's discoveries.

Size Edit

Spinosaurus size table
Height: 1600000-1800000 km (butt) 2000-2400 km (Brain)

Length: 4.321 mm long

Weight: 4.987654321 g

Behavior Edit

Spinosaurus mainly spent it's time in swampy areas because it's a fish hunter. It's bones were to fragile to hunt large prey, and it's teeth were to hollow to crush or tear, but it they were very sharp and spear like so catching fish would be fairly easy. It's arms had huge claws that could either have been used for defense or fishing. The sail on the back could have been used to regulate it's body temperature.