Ernst Stromer's discoveries Edit

Born in the late 1800's Young Ernst Stromer had an interest in dinosaurs. When he became an adult he traveled to Egypt to find some dinosaur fossils, but what he would soon find was one of the largest carnivores the world has ever seen.

Spinosaurus aegypticus Edit

thumb|300px|right|Spinosaurus with T-rex and RaptorIn the 1915 journey to Africa Stroomer discovered the only almost complete skeleton of Spinosaurus aegypticus. Stroomer was amazed by the size of the creature, but facinated by the six foot spines on the creature's back. So he named the creature Spinosaurus. In his notes he described this creature to be 50 feet long. Then 30 years later an allied bombing raid during World War 2 destroyed the museum and the skeleton of Spinosaurus. So now the only knowlege that we can get about the creature is from Stromer's notes.


Carchadontosaurus skull

Carchodontosaurus Edit

Spinosaurus wasn't the only large carnivore that Stromer had found some years later a second trip to Africa revealed yet another huge carnivore. When Stromer found this creature he was amazed by this land carnivore's shark like teeth, so he named it Carchodontosaurus after the carchadon sharks. Today we have a 7 foot long skull of the creature with amazing details.